Wolfgang Sandt

Often people ask me, where I get the inspiration for my sculptures. Here a short answer:

Creating my light stones I let myself inspire by nature. By the sky, the clouds, by water and fire, all things that are volatile, hardly palpable and at least to a certain degree filled with light.

The intangibility and permanent change inherent to all these natural phenomena, stands in contrast to our perception of the earth as something firm, and unchangeable.

A deceptive perception, as anyone knows who has ever experienced an earthquake or the eruption of a volcano, or simply had to fix settlement cracks in the plastering of their houses.

Inadvertently the question comes to mind, what remains if our assumed securities falter, if something we want to hold on to desperately, inevitably slips from our hands.

Which values do still apply, if a hard material like stone, seemingly made for eternity, all at a sudden dissolves into light?

I also ask this question with my other sculptures of course, with my fragile stelae for example, or with my sculptures of houses in all imaginable instable or precarious situations.

What remains of the idea of the security of our own four walls, which, in our thoughts the house is a synonym for?

Naturally also my boat sculptures are inspired by the idea of change. Albeit a boat, in contrast to a house, from the outset is a symbol for travel and insecurities going along with it, for new things, for transitions, in short for change. And thus change is the only certainty which remains to us reliably.