Zac Merahn

From the ripe age of 9, Zac Merhan's passion for paint started in the basement with his father’s spray cans. Since then, his style has been heavily influenced by the 90’s punk/grunge era; voicing beauty through dark and twisted tones and saturating it with neon.

As a native to New York City, Merhan launched his career on the brick walls of the Lower East Side. Although paper and canvas are now the targets for his designs, he tries to recreate the images seen on the street; tattered wheat paste posters topped with graffiti and any form of paint “that drips”. Dripped paint is iconic to Merhan’s style and can be seen throughout his work. Merhan uses a wide array of textures to complete his vision. While silk screening is a personal infatuation of his, you will find a lot of stencils, spray paint and acrylic. The combination of digital and traditional techniques elevates his art to a new level.

Recognized in the street art world as "Hopeless", Merahn is considered one of NYC's top young talents. His art continues to transcend barriers and generate tremendous excitement.