Anyes Galleani
Anyes Galleani is a Los Angeles-based visual artist who uses photo montage and collage to create images and mixed media art exploring pop culture and urban landscapes. 

A former fashion photographer and video director, Anyes, who was born and raised in Italy, has lived in the Downtown Arts District since 1989, witnessing the neighborhood transformation from desolate to hip. There, she has used the streets as backdrops for her photographs and videos, making her own kind of street art, while observing a colorful array of graffiti, murals and posters come and go. So it’s no surprise that her work reflects a multitude of influences from classical beauty and fashion photography to street art.

Anyes has been working with photo and film montage since the early 90’s, creating images and videos. In 2011, her desire to find a more organic and original way than prints to bring her digital art into the real world led her to experiment with mixed media. And, by collaging paper, parchment and silk prints with aluminum foil and paint, she succeeded in transforming her images into one-of-a-kind artwork, receiving a welcome response from collectors and corporate art buyers.





End Of Apron