Bill Dambrova

Bill's love of art, artifacts and biology lead to a career as an exhibition designer specializing in Natural History Museums, Zoos, and Aquariums. Working as a Preparator at the Phoenix Art Museum and then as exhibition designer at the Heard Museum in Phoenix gave him the opportunity to meet and work with artists from all over the world from many different cultures. In 2003 Bill moved from his hometown of Phoenix to Los Angeles where he worked at The Getty Center, The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and The Aquarium of the Pacific. Since graduating with a degree in Studio Art from Arizona State University in 1993 Bill has never stopped painting. The rebellious artist side of him would show in his museum design and the access to world class art, natural science, exotic animals, and cultural artifacts informs and inspires his painting.  

In 2008 Bill became a freelance exhibit designer with clients ranging from the National Zoo in Washington D.C. to The Carnegie Museum of Natural History. With the newfound freedom to pick projects and manage his time how he pleased Bill was able to put painting higher on his priority list. Bill started showing work in galleries and alternative spaces in Los Angeles and moved to Venice Beach to be immersed in the art culture of the city. 2012 was a return to Arizona to live and make art on an 80 acre off grid ranch 30 miles NE of Flagstaff near James Turrell's Rodin Crater Project. Even though the Ranch was isolated Bills goals to connect and show art in major nearby cities were achieved during the 9 months he was there. He showed in Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Phoenix and Tucson as well as Los angeles and Miami.  

Acceptance into the 2013 Arizona Biennial was a personal milestone that reinforced his decision to move back to his hometown. In 2013 Bill moved into his art studio at Bragg's Pie Factory and began painting full time. In 2014 Bill received the Phoenix Art Museum Contemporary Forum Artist Award Grant, showed in two major local museums, collaborated with the Professor of Dance at The University of Arizona, and taught as an artist in residence at a local high School. During this time Bill was asked to consult as a designer for The Scottsdale Museum of the West where he designed interior exhibitions for a brand new 40,000 sqft building on a fast tracked schedule.  In 2015 travels to eight National Parks and an adventure in Peru is the current inspiration for his new body of artwork.­


Ex Nihilo
Born Hungry
Power Chords
Farrah Mona