John Lijo Bluefish

John Lijo Bluefish is a mixed-media artist creating collages on Canvas that are an exploration of the transcendent relationships among images, objects, and memory and how these affect an individual’s sense of himself and his place in the world. John has been a photographer for 10 years, and formally trained in Visual Arts. He has had many different roles over the years and this diversion has led him to where he is today. Over the past few years John has returned to his roots
“I’ve come full circle, returning to what I love best. I believe artists should continually challenge themselves and experiment in order to progress creatively and to keep ideas fresh and vital.

About the Artwork
People are obsessed with celebrities, I’m taking these personally meaningful icons and create something more beautiful, the way that the celebrities are depicted can evoke a wide variety of emotions to people. Throughout this process John is working to create imagery that simultaneously expresses opposing ideas―fragility and strength or timelessness and the power of each particular moment. 

John hopes his work will evoke the viewer’s own experiences about the mysteries of time and the nature of memory and stories, creating a space to explore these ideas and allow their intuitive, subconscious understandings to rise to the surface.

Exhibitions (click for more)

- 2013, SFH art Bar Cochin, Kerala
- 2009, 'Entity', MEC Art Gallery, New Delhi
- 2008, ‘Symphony of Colors’, organized by Art Panache and ABN AMRO, Gurgaon
- 2008, ‘Awakening the Spirit’, Collection of 37 Indian Artists, The Art, New Delhi
- 2007, ‘Paper Love’, India Fine Art, Mumbai
- 2007, ‘Beyond Boundaries’, Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore
- 2007, ‘Art for Prabhat’, Charity Show, New Delhi
- 2007, Organized by Nouveau at ITC Marriot, New Delhi
- 2007, ‘Convergence’, Art Pilgrim, Gurgaon
- 2007, ‘By the Waves’, MEC Gallery, New Delhi
- 2007, The Galleria, New Delhi
- 2006, ‘Reflections’, Art Elements Gallery, New Delhi
- 2004, Sponsored by Art Pilgrim at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi

- 2009, 'Entity', Annual Exhibition, M.E.C Art Gallery, New Delhi
- 2007, Annual Exhibition, Sara Arrakkal Art Gallery, Bangalore
- 2004, ‘Harvest 2004’, organized by Arushi Arts at Visual Art Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi


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