Christopher Murphy

Christopher Murphy creates bold and colorful abstract paintings that go beyond pure design to explore
contemporary culture and the collective human experience.

A recognized artist, Murphy has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the
southeast. Most recently taking 1st place in College of Charleston’s “Battle Royale” and 1st place in the
annual Piccolo Spoleto Juried Art Exhibition. He is also known for his involvement in the arts
community through charity events and teaching at notable institutions such as Redux Contemporary Art
Center and the Citadel.

For Murphy, abstract art doesn’t hinder communication – it’s a more compelling way to portray
subjects and express ideas. The initial ambiguity of the image prevents instant identification and
interpretation by the viewer. That invites them to explore the work on a deeper level.
“When I first began painting , my work was more about process and composition, amorphous shapes
and bold colors. Yet, there was a distance , or a disconnection between my work and the viewer. I
needed a way to express the human experience through my painting. I wanted to bring the humanity
back into my work.”

It’s on this deeper level, that Murphy’s paintings communicate so effectively. His work relies on the
visual metaphor. Recent developments in cognitive theory help explain that the best abstract art
operates at a symbolic level. It speaks a visual language we share unconsciously.

Exhibitions (click for more)

- 2011, Piccolo Spoleto Juried Exhibition
- 2011 “From the Ashes” Scoop Studios Solo Exhibition
- 2010 “Urban Perspectives” Solo Exhibition
- 2010, Piccolo Spoleto Juried Exhibition
- 2010 Flagship Gallery Solo Exhibition
- 2010 “New Works” Scoop Studios Solo Exhibition
- 2009, “The Collective”
- 2009, Piccolo Spoleto Juried Exhibition
- 2009, SCOOP “One Night Stand”
- 2009, North Charleston Art Festival
- 2009, Battle Royale First Place
- 2009, Statesboro Quality Inn Ballroom and Art Gallery Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting.
- 2008, “Subjective Reality” MOCA DC, Washington DC
- 2007, “The Warehouse Show” Charleston, South Carolina
- 2007, “Fresh Blood” Mason Murer Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
- 2007, “Reconstructing Paradigms of Expression” Solo Exhibition
- 2007, “Works by Emerging Artists”, Statesboro, Georgia
- 2006, Board of Regents Exhibition, Atlanta Georgia
- 2006, The Art Place: College Juried Exhibition, Marietta, Georgia
- 2006, “Madison National Juried Exhibition” Madison, Georgia
- 2006, North Charleston Arts Festival, Juried Exhibition, Charleston, South Carolina
- 2005, Gallery 303, MFA Biennial, Statesboro, Georgia
- 2005, DK Arts, Statesboro, Georgia
- 2004, Desoto Row Gallery “Mixed Media” Exhibition, Savannah, Georgia
- 1998, Studio 42 Annual Resident Artists Exhibit, Orlando, Florida
- 1997, Lee James Gallery “Art and Flowers”, Orlando, Florida


United Divide
Inner Peace
Child's Play