The piece we bought is fantastic. We placed it in our garden and my family is thrilled with its beauty. Damjan is not only talented but so very clever. We are just so thankful to having the opportunity to own one of Damjan’s creations.
— A Recent Collector

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Recently Sold Work

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Warrior of Light

Carrara, marble, 2008
21.2" x 10.6" x 9.8" (54 cm x 27 cm x 25 cm)

Seed Lasa

Marble, Polychromed Wood, 2015
H 25.2"  (64cm) 



Sculptor Damjan Komel uses his hands, tools and machines to create shapes that are full of vital energy and evoke feelings of a timeless beauty.
— Nelida Nemec

Damjan's sculptors adorn many public and private spaces throughout Europe through a commissioning process. 
POTATOMIKE is pleased to assist collectors and patrons interested in an installation of Damjan's work for a specific purpose.
All you need to do is contact us here, and we'll help get the ball rolling.


Time Capsule

Location: Taiwan
Installed: 2017


The Key of Life

Location: Slovenia
Installed: 2011


Hair Clip of Dreams

Location: Italy
Installed: 2008


Verso le Stelle

Location: Italy
Installed: 2015


The Navigation Key

Location: Italy
Installed: 2011 


I Wanna Kiss of the Future

Location: Slovenia
Installed: 2006

As Damjan Komel works in the open, surrounded by nature, his every gesture has a precise meaning, decisive, faultless.
— Franca Marri


About Damjan Komel

Creating an artistic language describes man`s constant fight with his own nature, Damjan Komel does not polish his work to perfection or sand them. Instead, he leaves the surfaces soft, flowing or wavy so that they all attract and encourage the desire to touch and caress the shape of the sculpture. In addition to stone and marble - namely Lasa, Carrara, or Sivec - he works in the classic materials of bronze, wood and ceramics.

Damjan started to explore the stone carving with stone faces with sculptor Mr. Janez Pirnat in his studio in Sipar (Croatia). Always fascinated by the abstract sculptures of Negovan Nemec and Costantin Brancusi, Damjan started to develop his own sculpture language. After he studied in Famul Stuart school of Arts in Ljubljana, he began to learn traditional stone carving and to collaborate with sculptor Mrs. Gail Morris in Art Workshop called Kornarija.

Currently, Damjan is a member of the artistic association Prologo from Gorizia, Italy. He lives and works nearby in his hometown of Nova Gorica, Slovenia.





In his artistic research, Damjan Komel seeks to tell his own story, his experiences, personal responses and feelings, as well as those of people and situations he encounters in his daily life. He likes to use traditional hand tools, such as the chisel on stone that leaves a unique trail, a personal mark which transmits a human strength to the sculpture and infinitely reflects the sculptor's thoughts in the stone.

See Damjan’s varied works in a brief film.

The space without sculpture is body without soul.
— Damjan in his own words


What are you trying to express in sculpting? 

A: Through the window of my soul I am trying to find the antique language of the warriors of light, which creates noble beauty from the heart and its spiritual depths. Of old, man fights for survival, food, home, love, family and social status. In the past the knife, the arrow, the sword - the weapons with a blade - were the means to achieve these goals. Today we fight with words to achieve these same goals. The word can make us happy, but it has also the power to hurt us and cause pain. Today some of us do not realize that all of us are warriors of light and the word.