Dragomir Misina is a painter whose exuberant, vibrant swirls of pigment, looping thin lines and hastily scribbled text proclaim an artist for whom improvisation is a way of life. Dragomir’s influences are eclectic, Turner, Jackson Pollock, Rothko, Cy Twombly, Anselm Keifer etc. and understandable, given his expressionist tendencies and the freedom with which he applies paint.
— Fiona Robinson “Evolver”
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About Dragomir Misina

Dragomir is a Croatian born artist. He graduated with a First in Fine Art Painting from Bath School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University. Dragomir is based in Bath, UK, and works from his studio in town at 44AD artspace.

“I use the process of painting to document physical and psychological presence, investigating the communicative function of colour and form as a reaction.

 The starting point of each painting is based on some form of narrative, which inevitably informs the course of painting. However, in the process of painting, it is not a question of making ever more references to the narrative, but a deliberate attempt to escape from it. Therefore the paintings may be observed for what they are rather than what they should mean.”


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Dragomir Misina Live

As a child, growing up in Croatia, he was always making things: toys, basketball hoops, tricycles out of scrap metal, getting help from older friends with welding equipment. Given his passion for manipulating materials it is perhaps surprising that he has ended up painting rather than making sculpture. However his work has a strong sense of structure and his working method, layering, building up and breaking down surfaces and texture are akin to sculptural processes despite their application on a two-dimensional surface.
— Fiona Robinson “Evolver”

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