Gustavo Fernandes


Gustavo Fernandes

I am connected to art since childhood. Since I remember I draw and paint.

I attended several art schools in Portugal and Canada where I lived.

I always feel pleasure to represent nature and people, particularly women and always liked to do it through realism. I like to register moments and create beyond them, give life to these moments and let my imagination create…Before I even execute the art work.

Talking about my work is like making an insight.

There is a huge exposure in my work…an aesthetic in which I expose myself. But there is a spiritual component, emotional, introspective. My work is lonely in a positive way.

The accurate technique, the theme, the detail… There’s a constant desire, a search, there is a lot of research into my concepts and ideas, as well as thorough and technique that I acquired over the years.

I think my work invites to contemplation. I wish to encourage the observer that is before a work of mine ... I like him to have an opinion or a feeling about the work. Each person has a different feel but it has an emotion. This is my way of communicating.

The realism is in the brushstroke ... the color ... in the trace ... There's always a lot of me in every work of art..Even the most classic works and seemingly more obvious.

Creation has a lot of influence of my emotions ... From my moods. The brushstroke, the stroke stiffness, the work to be agitated or more peaceful.. This emotion passes to the observer. This is the great magic...


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