An online gallery is very different than a traditional one.

Art galleries represent 10-40 artists and entertain a rolodex of collectors at art shows and dinner parties. With an ever increasing interest in art by new buyers, a galleries today spends more time managing interest and helping artists build their careers is more and more difficult.

POTATOMIKE helps artists, like you, gain access to buyers and collectors as well as to art dealers, gallerists and curators alike. In this brave new world, to sell your work, you need as many touchpoints to as many art lovers as possible.

To build interest in your art, we start with a digital suite that highlights your work in the most compelling light.


A Captivating, Simple Design

After two years of research, our new artist webpage creates a sense of interest and intrigue, while instilling confidence in your work.


A Fully-Functional Store

Amazon made a business on creating easy purchases, and POTATOMIKE offers you an online store that is secure, trusted by buyers and offers a variety of payment features - including accepting bitcoin. 


Multiple Ways to Reach You

Our team will update your page to include current and upcoming exhibitions of your work. We have also purchased access rights to post your work on three other digital platforms that get the most visits in the art market. To reach you, your work needs to be on as many platforms as possible, and POTATOMIKE's goal is to make that happen.   


Check Out What You Could Have

We partnered with Rebecca Wallis to create an online and offline experience of her work that is head and shoulders above online galleries. Our pledge is to build that experience for you. Click on Rebecca's page to see the difference we can create for you.


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