Lee Albert Hill

I currently live and practice in Fort Worth, Texas but grew up in the heart of the West Texas oil patch in Midland.  I graduated with a 5 year professional degree in Architecture from the College of Architecture at the University of Texas Tech in Lubbock. My work as a painter has been shown at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in California, Joseph Gierek Fine Art in Oklahoma, ARTSPACE 111 in Texas, the Houston Design Center and at Art Forum Berlin in Germany.

As an architect and artist working in a busy architecture firm focused on modern design, it’s natural for my painting work to explore abstract principles.  The statement that, “abstraction is the house style of modernism”, is very close to how much of contemporary art and architecture meet at this fertile crossroads of creativity.  

To be a Texan is often to develop a deep appreciation for the character of our rugged landscape where an abundance of stone and wood are found.  These materials inherently contain an anthropormorphic tension between the organic and the precise, which often results in work that is beyond the sum of its parts. I especially appreciate creative work that is at once disciplined and precision based but attempts more by elevating and celebrating random imperfections.  I believe the wood work and sculpture of the late George Nakashima is a clear example.  

My approach to painting is similar in that it is process driven using the mark making of random natural elements placed on the canvas combined with a thoughtful hard edged application of drafted and painted geometric patterns.  The relationship between the random and the geometric plays out across the canvas as an abstracted language of our contemporary tension with nature.  Essentially, it’s an artist exploring questions about the way we make our marks on the landscape.


Exhibitions (click for more)

- 2017, (Expected) “Lee Albert Hill: Recent Works”, Angelo State University Visiting Artist – San Angelo, TX
- 2015, “Lee Albert Hill: Recent Works”, University of North Texas Health Science Center Gallery ‐ Fort Worth, TX
- 2013, “Bluestem Series”, Louis Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, Christine DeVitt Exhibition Hall – Lubbock, TX  
- 2012, “Bluestem Series”, Fort Worth Community Arts Center – Fort Worth, TX
- 2009, “The Norman Conquests”, Stage West Gallery – Fort Worth, TX

- 2016, “Best of the FWCAC Biennial”, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, TX
- 2016, “Out on Summer Vacation”, Art7 Crockett Community Gallery – Fort Worth, TX
- 2016, “Architectural Influence”, Art7 Crockett Community Gallery – Fort Worth, TX
- 2015, “Back to Basics”, Art7 Crockett Community Gallery – Fort Worth, TX
- 2015, “Curvature”, Art7 Crockett Community Gallery – Fort Worth, TX
- 2015, “Absolute Abstraction”, Joseph Gierek Fine Art – Tulsa, OK
- 2014, “Enharmonic Equivalents: Three Abstractions of Tradition” Gallery 414 ‐ Fort Worth, TX
- 2011, “Connections”, Haley‐Henman Gallery ‐ Dallas, TX  
- 2011, “Introductions”, Haley‐Henman Gallery ‐ Dallas, TX
- 2011, “Sketch Books”, Fort Worth Center for Architecture – Fort Worth, TX
- 2011, “Cross Sections” ‐ Fort Worth Center for Architecture, Fort Worth, TX
- 2010, “Experimental Echoes: Lee Albert Hill & Martha Howell”, Eclectic Expressions Gallery ‐ Arlington, TX
- 2009, "12x12x122", BECA Gallery ‐ New Orleans, LA
- 2008, “Best of the FWCAC Biennial”, Fort Worth Community Arts Center – Fort Worth, TX
- 2008, “Duality: Lee Albert Hill & David Stanford”, HHS Gallery – Fort Worth, TX
- 2007, “Five Artists – Recent Works”, 2nd Floor Gallery – Fort Worth, TX
- 2006, “Art by Architects”, Edmund Craig Gallery – Fort Worth, TX
- 2006, “Men with Big Plans: Lee Albert Hill, David Stanford and Les Edmonds”, Heliotrope Gallery – Fort Worth, TX


Bluestem #03
Bluestem #07
Bluestem #19
Bluestem #08
Bluestem #17
Bluestem #23
Bluestem #11