Leila Jabre-Jureidini

After applying herself to a variety of art programs throughout her adolescence, Leila took a serious step at age 18 when she attended the Atelier Jacques D’Anton et Met de Penninghen in Paris. She then went to the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Graphiques, followed by two years at Parsons School of Design, Paris campus and New York, for a degree in graphic design.

Today Leila spends most of her time in her studio where she paints, sculpts and brings to life the things that move her. Her sculptures of women, captured in an often-transient position reminiscent of Cartier-Bresson’s ‘decisive moment’, glorify the feminine body in all its splendor. Her bronze cubic sculptures are abstract representations of moods and emotions, and the multi-media pieces a comic – or sad – showcase of our legacy to our children.

Her latest work, themed ‘The Undoing’ or ‘what if not’, speculates what could have been if no nuclear attack, for example, had wiped Hiroshima. She ‘reverses the process’ by removing layers of paint from a series of nine rotating panels illustrating the what happened on one side and the what if it hadn’t on the other – in reverse order – reversing death to life; or what if I was born there, showing a veiled woman on the left-diagonal panes of a large-size lenticular (zigzag) canvas and the same woman in a bikini on the opposite panes...


Patchwork 2
Tissage cube
Patchwork 1
Tube cube