Marius can express the essence of the human condition in ways that I have not seen before. His art is captivating and touches on several emotions simultaneously.
— A Recent Collector

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POTATOMIKE's commitment is to provide Marius's work to you commission free.
As an artist, Marius provides levels of print editions for each piece of his work. 
The Original is sized 31.5 x 47.25 inches (80 x 120 cm) and only one is created.
Limited Edition Prints are sized 18.5 x 27.5 inches (47 x 70 cm) and 5 prints along with 2 artist proofs are created.  
Large Editions: Select prints are available in the size of 11.75 x 15.75 inches (30 x 40 cm) with print runs of 50 to 100.


Prices for artwork do not include credit card charges, taxes or shipping, which is added at checkout and once shipping prices are confirmed.


Selected Sold Works

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So, take a look at selected works by Marius and the prices for which they sold.

Elysian Fields (07)

Giclee print. 2009
Limited Edition of 5 prints made
18.5" x 27.5" (47cm x 70cm)

Phoenix (01)

Giclee print. 2012
Limited Edition of 50 prints made
18.5" x 27.5" (30cm x 40cm)

Midnight (02)

Giclee print. 2010
Limited Edition of 5 prints made
18.5" x 27.5" (47cm x 70cm)

Daughter Of Lycaon (01)

Giclee print. 2016
Limited Edition of 5 prints made
18.5" x 27.5" (47cm x 70cm)

Twisted Flesh (16)

Giclee print. 2006
Limited Edition of 5 prints
39.5" x 39.5" (100cm x 100cm)

Unspoken (04)

Giclee print. 2011
Limited Edition of 5 prints made
18.5" x 27.5" (47cm x 70cm)



About Marius's Work

Marius Budu’s photographs are strong and focused, with few details supporting the clear impression of one thought or emotion. Through his unique use of light and shading, the pieces create structure and emphasize the sparse, yet vivid colors. The photographs are driven by his fascination with the human body as a raw material for art: sculptured, twisted and focused on the minute details, revealing its inherent individuality. The photography plays with the viewer’s expectations of composition and motif – often portraying only ambiguous parts of the body, letting the viewer wonder or simply absorb.

Marius Budu delineates the human experience as a whole – uniting the photography’s embodied honesty with visual echoes of a mind’s streaming notions




Marius Budu Live

I have so far created three branches of work. Dreamworld searches the abstract subconscious for meaning while giving birth to a new visual language. The Human Canvas uses the human figure as a substrate for a gradually unfolding visual tale. Flesh & Soul uses the bare human figure to tell stories in a very visually minimalist manner.
— Marius in his own words



Part of his Dreamworld branch of art, Marius Budu created Phantasmagoria – Theatre of Dreams a surreal exploration of our role in dreams, currently being exhibited at Rhizom gallery. The series was shown in Copenhagen in June alongside a short art film by the same name. As a POTATOMIKE art lover, you have access to the exhibition and the artwork currently available.

June 9 - 22, 2018
Rhizom Gallery
Bregnerødgade 10. 2200
Copenhagen N.


Marius's work will be on view again soon.
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Selected Recent Exhibitions


Solo Shows

 Elysian Fields
Top Danmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

Celestial Bodies
Copenhagen, Denmark

 Twisted Flesh
Timisoara Fine Arts Museum
Timisoara, Romania

Group Shows & Fairs

Group Show
Art Square Gallery
Toronto, Canada

Photo Beijing
The China Millennium Monument
Beijing, China

 The European Festival of Nude Photography
Espace Van Gogh
Arles, France



Studio Visit




Marius Budu is a visual artist working with photography and the human figure. He is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His work has been exhibited at galleries and museums in countries like The United States, Canada, France, China, Romania, Sweden and Denmark.


Take a look at Marius creating and hear from him directly in this short film.




Theatre of Dreams

Phantasmagoria is a project analyzing the relationship between the dreamer, dreams and the way we bridge our conscious and unconscious awareness of the self. It asks questions about our role in dreams and the role of dreams in our waking life.
— Marius in his own words


from an interview WITH MARIUS

Q: How did you develop your photography in capturing the human form? 
A: I am in love with the abstract. My first photographic passion was using a macro lens to photograph the minuscule unseen treasures of the world we casually walk past every day. The two elements of macro photography that truly fascinated me were texture and form. Eventually I discovered the immense possibilities of working with the human figure and began focusing my attention on using the body as a medium. 




The stillness of night

I have always been a nocturnal person. I feel, think and create better at night. When everyone goes to sleep and the city falls silent I truly awake. This project is an attempt to illustrate my affinity for the night.
— Marius in his own words

The Midnight series series was developed over several years. As Marius once wrote, "for some reason, it always felt a bit too ambitious production-wise and I always ended up favoring other concepts instead."

Fortunately, Marius sorted out how to make the production work, and he was able to perform a casting call, acquire the body paint and within 9 hours complete the photo shoot. We are glad to show a behind-the-scenes short film shot by Mads Hoppe and include the models for the series Winnie Bloch, Lea Abildgaard, Stephie Sorensen, Natalia Ivanova, Nicole Larsen, Sabine H. as well as Marius assistant Anna Sophia Hansen.