Matthias Jung

Collages have fascinated me ever since I was a child. It all began in the photo lab of my father. With scissors and glue, the rst fantastic buildings were made. Basically, I don’t do anything differently nowadays. I cut apart my pho- tos and make them into new shapes.

The digital possibilities in the realm of image processing have led many to be artistically impressed with Photoshop. I don’t want that. The computer pro- gram is only a tool. It should not determine the content. My pictures should re ect reality.

I am always amazed at how architectural details can evoke certain associations and feelings. This is how a latticed window conveys coziness; one might even say it is soulful. Framework is soothing, sometimes touching. Antennas have something sinister about them. They point to something outside the picture. Concrete is cold and foreign – but maybe interesting for just that reason.

I began with the series „Houses“ in January 2015.

The composition of the individual elements correlates to a logic, as if in a dream. Basically, dreams are collages. In order for my work to function proper- ly, I also have to consider design rules. Thus, the relationship between order/ disorder and homogeneity/diversity must agree. A building has to rst be stable and credible before I can add some “disorder”, to let it y for example. One such disorder refers to another, only hinting at reality. I weave, so to speak, spiritual realities into everyday things.