In Northern England during the 1960s, Monday was washday. The drab back alleys festooned with drying laundry created line after line of billowing sails. The street was transformed, charged with the smells of soap and festival of sound. Geordie Foster, the one-armed coal deliveryman, made very few drops on Mondays, the back alleys made impassable by miles of laundry. This transfiguration of the back lots and alleys became a place to play, fuel for imaginations, space for adventure. A billowing pirate ship or arctic icebergs. It was only an alley but it was ours.
— Michael McKeown

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About Michael McKeown

“Works of art, such as a monument or recreation of a visual memory, however substantial they may be, are always ephemeral and precarious, ever threatened with loss or destruction. Indeed, as a memorial to a kind of childhood remembrance, Winter Laundry is paradoxically a record of oblivion, a reminder of what has been forgotten, suppressed, or ignored. In its discontinuity, its abbreviated style, its striving for contemporaneous contextualization and explanation, it confronts the viewer with what has been left out, with what falls between the clotheslines and the frozen underwear. It is in those gaps that we find the moments between existence and experience.”

  - Monika Knapp for ArtHelix



Michael McKeown Live

McKeown’s work show focuses on reclamation and recycling; all of the garments in the installation are fashioned by McKeown out of found materials. One blue shirt is made from a tarpaulin, a pair of underpants from one of McKeown’s old painting drop cloths. One of the most conspicuous pieces - the pair of yellow silk bloomers in the front row - was sewn by McKeown’s own mother, who did the laundry of his childhood.
— Monika Knapp for ArtHelix


On View Now

Visit the ArtHelix booth at the SCOPE art fair in New York to see several new works by Michael. An entrance fee applies and can be purchased at the door.

 March 8-11
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street
New York, NY


Selected Recent Exhibitions

2016 Art Exchange, Candid Arts Trust, London England
2016 "Disputed Borders" at Art Helix, Brooklyn, curated by Wilson Duggan
2016 "2 Missiles", Braddock Park NJ
2016 "Black, White, Re(a)d All Over" at Art Helix, Brooklyn, curated by Peter Hopkins/Janet Goleas
2016 "2 Missiles" at Art Helix NYC 

2015  Winter Laundry Part 2 .Edward Williams Gallery Fairleigh Dickinson University NJ
2014  Winter Laundry .Art Helix at Harrison Place Bushwick Brooklyn  curated by Bonnie Rychlak



Studio Visit




New York Studio School .of Drawing Painting and Sculpture
Manchester Polytechnic. Manchester England  BA Hons
W.R.Tuson College,Preston England

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