Michael Soltis

Michael Soltis is an American/Canadian visual artist currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has a Masters degree in Education and worked in the business and non-profit sector as a high level manager for many years before dedicating his life to the pursuit of the arts. His artwork has been shown in several galleries throughout North America and been featured in Canadian House & Home, Anthology Magazine, The Artist Catalogue, the Vancouver TED Conference, Comic Con in Vancouver as well as several contemporary art blogs and articles. His paintings are held in private collections in the United States, Canada and in Europe.

Typography is used to visually communicate a thought or idea. We essentially "encode" our messages with a string of letters and numbers by arranging them into a specific, predetermined order so that others are able to "decode" the meaning we are putting forth. Those receiving the message are expected to understand exactly what we mean and if they do, then we've communicated with success. In my Typography Series I arrange letters and numbers in a non-traditional way and use color and design principles to build the composition. The goal is not only to communicate the beauty inherent in the type itself, but to engage the logical side of the brain, which desperately wants to decode the message, as well as the creative side, which desires to find its own unique experience.




Be Incredible
Night Tracks