Her recent paintings exhibit a depth of feeling that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of her discipline.
— Edward Hanfling
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About Rebecca's Work

Rebecca's work resides upon planes of raw silk – a delicate and semi-transparent fabric that allows the supporting frame to show through. Added to the silk are washes of faded color, diluted hues which separate at the edges into bruised tones as the raw silk absorbs them her way. These washes add a depth of darkness to the paintings and allude to the story of the work. 

It is upon these surfaces that Rebecca hurls her mediums, creating the visual crecendo upon the corrupted silk. Using color and translucents, theses mediums are left to intertwine and dry, solidfying what could look like the ricochet of blood and sinew from a re-smashed open wound, or the after birth from a womans womb, depending on the viewers own history.

- Written by Aimée Ralfini, Who Arted








Rebecca Wallis Live

There’s nothing like viewing a piece of Rebecca’s work in person. There is a connection I get to different emotions when viewing her pieces live, and that makes a difference.
— A Recent Collector
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Rebecca's work was on display at SCOPE NEW YORK and approximately 5,000 art lovers visited the booth over the four days. It was a great show.

March 8-11
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street
New York, NY


Rebecca's work will be on view again soon.
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Selected Recent Exhibitions


Solo Exhibitions

On the Weight of Meaninglessness 
Auckland, New Zealand

The Otherness of Ourselves
Zimmerman Contemporary 
Auckland, New Zealand

From Scratchings
Zimmerman Contemporary
Auckland, New Zealand


Group Shows & Fairs

SHIM Invitational 6
ArtHelix Gallery
Brooklyn, USA

Aqua Art Miami 
ArtHelix Room
Miami, USA

In the Neighborhood
Auckland, New Zealand


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Rebecca Wallis was born in the UK, she has lived and practised between London and Auckland since finishing her first degree in Fine Arts in 1988. Her art practice was cemented in 1995 with a Masters Degree in Visual Arts from Goldsmiths College, London.

Rebecca provokes, using the abject, the allusive experiences of the Real. She makes associations between the corporeal and the painterly, to reveal the 'beyond, behind and beneath'. Her recent methods characteristically involve simple and unconventional gestures, where she refers to herself as a conduit for the interaction between materials. 

Rebecca’s paintings are held in a number of important national art collections, including the James Wallace Arts Trust and the Walker & Hall collection.


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On Becoming is a 2018 series by Rebecca, where she uses acrylic on silk over pine stretcher bars.

I make associations between the painterly and the corporeal. These works acknowledge the fluidity of the self and are made in recognition of the absent spaces that are hidden between two surfaces that are unseen (such as the womb). These are the surfaces and spaces that are overlooked, marginalised. They are often within and behind. They promote ideas of continuum.
— Rebecca in her own words


from an interview between Aimée Ralfini and rebecca

Q: What are your desires?

 A: To be clean and proper, to be complete, that’s fundamentally everyone’s desires isn’t it? Some of your more humanily viseral works have had sections picked away. Once dry, you’ve applied a photoshop-like eraser mark, which cuts through what I’d imagine to be the most intense part of the thrown paint. This gives some relief to the work. A space of contemplation of sorts.

Q: Your work is presented in varying ways, sometimes on a wall like a standard painting, othertimes you have stacked the canvasses, or added background elements – such as protection plastic. Why have you presented your work in such an unconvential way? 

 A: I presented them in a way to define this fluid, private, unconscious space within ourselves a bit like acknowledging a black hole through the stars and gasses orbiting it. I hope it puts light on ideas of meaninglessness and fluidity without fixing and closing this space.




The Touchpoints series relates to On Becoming; however, the artwork is currently not available for purchase on POTATOMIKE.

In this post-organic age the body and its ‘imperfect’ condition remains an integral part of the Self. As a mother I carry an incomplete and marginalized body and I’m forever experiencing the visceral messiness of separation. There seems a strange freedom in these contradictory moments where I am the object yet remain as me. My child is at once, both me and not me. If I hold even ever so lightly I see the gap between us, I see our boundaries and the loss. My small shell of a body is left more imperfect and more abject.
— Rebecca in her own words