As you know, traditional art galleries have asked for a 50% commission to provide a small group of artists access to a closed list of collectors that are cultivated through entertainment at gallery shows and local events.

With a shift to online art sales (last year topped $4 billion), gallerists just can't serve artists like they had in the past. 

At POTATOMIKE, our goal is simple: to help you - and even your gallerists, curators, agents and benefactors - build an awareness of your art to a worldwide community of buyers, collectors, dealers, curators, and art lovers alike.

We don't discriminate. We build access.


Simple, Captivating

To sell your work, you first need to build an awareness of your art to as many art lovers as possible. We start with a search engine optimized webpage that highlights your work in the most compelling light.


Extensive Reach

When you want to upgrade, we help you extend your reach by providing an online and offline suite that includes profiles on three other global websites as well as offers to participate in international art fairs and gallery shows.


Easy Purchasing

We make buying your artwork easy to collectors by offering an online store that is secure and trusted with a variety of payment features and providing a 14-day money back guarantee with low-cost shipping rates.


See for Yourself

See the online and offline experience we created with Rebecca Wallis (click here). We think it's head and shoulders above other online galleries, and our pledge is to build that experience for you.


Choose a Profile That's Right for You!