As the exclusive online partner to SHIM Network and Art Helix Gallery, POTATOMIKE proudly exhibits the work presented at Scope art fair that took place from June 12-17, 2018 during Art Basel week in Switzerland.

As an online collector you can purchase artwork at the same prices you would have received had you attended Scope Basel.

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The narrative of my current work has evolved into a series I call Disfashionatea word I coined, and the hashtag (#disfashionate) I created for social media. The art is a comment on the way the fashion industry manipulates photographs of women to completely unrealistic and unattainable levels of beauty - thus establishing a kind of de facto, yet completely artificial standard that is impossible for any actual person to achieve.

In the series, I manipulate and deconstruct the images even further, and push them to the point of being ridiculous and even grotesque. The idea being; "what is too far?" and "how far will the fashion and advertising industry go to sell products?" I believe there is no limit to how much the industry will alter an image in service of selling products. I would like the works in Disfashionate to provoke thoughtful conversation around this topic, and perhaps inspire progress towards more realistic depictions of the female form. 


One of POTATOMIKE's artists, Rodney Durso has been making collages for many years.

We were proud to offer his Disfashionate Series for purchase.

Hello Madison

VIA Negative


by Via Negative

Via Negative is visual artist who collaborates with other artists as well as works independently. The artist is based in Canada.

Via Negative works with a variety of shapes and creations using a standard set to create 10 unique works from a template.


One of POTATOMIKE's artists, Via Negative has exhibited internationally , teaches, and writes.

While developed by a seasoned artist, Via Negative was launched with POTATOMIKE and SHIM Network at Scope Basel 2018.




by Helmut Krackie


Wanting something beyond my figure-drawing class at SVA, I went down stairs to the hardware store and purchase masking tape and spray paint. I created my first “layers” painting that day in the style that I currently work. I paint with tape. Tape is the vehicle that allows me to express myself with color and movement. This is where the character of the painting is created revealing intertwining, unwinding textural layers underneath.

I alternate painted acrylic layers with strategically placed tape, sometimes up to eight layers on a painting. Each layer is a separate color revealed when all the tape is removed. Although the fluidity of the pieces may appear to be random, they are planned with the flow of color depending on my emotions. Nothing is airbrushed. Upon closer inspection, one is able to see and feel the complex and emotional intensity that is revealed.


One of POTATOMIKE's artists, Helmut Krackie is a prolific painter and art maker.

Our curators viewed Helmut's Wave series at his studio and immediately saw value in introducing it at Scope Basel 2018.