There’s a depth of emotion that Shaina conveys in the way her subjects are positioned on the canvas. It’s a moving experience.
— A Recent Collector
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About Shaina's Work

My work explores portraiture and figuration through classical techniques and expressive markmaking. I create oil paintings and charcoal drawings that transform the figure into a strong, yet fragmented subject.

The artworks have grown from the history of the grotesque female body. She is unretouched, raw, comfortable in her own imperfect skin. I believe the terms beautiful and ugly can be interchangeable. Or rather, that subjects historically associated with the abject or the grotesque can be represented in a way that both defies their traditional roles and makes them powerfully beautiful.

- by Shaina Craft








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Shaina Craft Live

When you are in my studio looking at my work, they look back at you. My intention is to blur the borders between the sublime and the grotesque, the emotive and the confrontational. I strive to make paintings that challenge the tropes of the figurative canon and convey the complexity of life’s experiences
— Shaina in her own words


Shaina's work was on display at the Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia. See the show highlights and view the works for sale in our store.

April 6, 2018
Painted Bride Art Center
230 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106


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Selected Recent Exhibitions



Merit Scholarship
New York Academy of Art
New York City, USA

Hudson Valley Plein Air Residency
New York Academy of Art 
Germantown, NY, USA

Art of the State finalist
State Museum of Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, PA, USA

Group Shows & Fairs

National Juried Art Exhibition
Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art
Wisconsin, USA

Single Fare 4
Highline Stages
New York City, USA

Affordable Art Fair NYC
Saatchi Art
New York City, USA


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Studio Visit




Shaina Craft is a figurative artist living and working in Chicago, Illinois. She creates oil paintings and works on paper that span the range from miniature to expansive.  Her work is known for combining detailed realism with gestural expression.

Born in 1985, Shaina's has already exhibited a strength in her short career. She has received numerous awards and has placed works in collections worldwide including the Witz Collection in Switzerland, Hastie Collection in the United Kingdom, and the Manocherian Collection in New York City. 

Shaina has exhibited her work at gallery shows each year since 2009, often presenting more than five times each year. She has studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she received her BFA as well as New York Academy of Art, where she earned an MFA. 

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10 Questions for Shaina Craft




Shaina has been refining her work in figurative paintings for more than 10 years.

The act of making art is an exploration. I have always been fascinated by both the human form and paint alike. In the act of painting I find that there are always new challenges and new questions to be answered.
— Shaina in her own words


from an interview between POTATOMIKE and SHAINA

Q: What keeps you motivated to create more and more? 
A: Curiosity. I tend to make a group of pieces all at once so that I can explore them from every angle. Like, what if I made a really small one? Will it work if I crop the figure off at the knees? What if I cover the entire face- can I still make it interesting? I’ve been thinking lately about what would happen if I mixed together the processes for my paintings and drawings so that only part of the pieces were painted and the drawn parts were acting as the negative space. I’m really excited to start exploring that.

QI wish people would take more notice of… 
: Subtleties, both in the world around them and in my work. Slow down and really look. Looking through your phone camera doesn't count, either.

Q: In a nutshell, my philosophy is…
: Figure out what is really important to you and fully explore it. That holds true in making artwork and life in general.




Shaina created a series of drawings for the Winged Woman exhibition, on view until April 6, 2018.

Winged Woman: the Art of Arlene Love and Contemporary Parallels revolves around the artwork of Arlene Love, a pioneering feminist artist whose career spans several decades. The exhibition seeks to view Love’s work in a contemporary context, and examine the parallels of the political climate of the 1970’s and 2018.
— By


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