Stefan Nenov

Strong visual impact and thought provoking are the two things that best describe the artworks of Stefan Nenov. He was born in 1978 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Studied five years at High Art School with subject "Graphic Arts" he turn his attention to sculpture. In 2004 he graduates Sculpture and Woodcarving at National Academy of Arts, Sofia. 

In the early years of his carrier his artworks are sculptures/woodcarvings where he expressing his intention to observe the inner unconscious movements of human soul combined with archetypal, existential symbols like  a finger print, book, letter. Quite often he uses a Latin words or texts in the titles of his artworks and as elements in his works. In the late 2004, as he describes, Stefan discovered his best inspiration - the new technologies. Since then this is a constant source of ideas and provocations. Between 2001-2008 the artist made a constant appearances in Sculpture Symposiums across Europe, where he creating large outdoor sculptures in wood.  In 2008 Stefan moved to London where he further up folding his potential. First he made a series of oil paintings before came back to his favorite medium sculpture. The structure of the computer, it's hardware with all electronic bits, keyboard, screen, the inner world of Internet, software, all the buttons and icons, Facebook ... this are the elements that could be seen in the artworks of Stefan Nenov, this is his benchmark. The questions he asks through his his 2D, 3D and mixed media works strive to focus on the changes in the way our society communicates nowadays. There is no question that it is unthinkable for many to live without Internet any more, it is perceptible the constant urge of being connected at all time playing major role in the way contemporary man acting and this is what the works of the artist reflect. Based on the concept of internet socializing, between 2011-2012, Stefan  run a Street Art Project called Find The User on the streets of Central London. 

With the constant changes and development of the technologies and devices Stefan has his platform to respond with his art, but always aims to stay in touch with the human roots and symbols, as well as with the clear, eye catching, figurative approach.


The Queen
Shopping Rush