Steven Lyon

Original artist like Newton, Roversi, Lindbergh and Herb Ritz is where my inspiration originated. Recently I discovered the work of Brazilan artist - Sebastiao Selgado. I have so much respect for and I believe photojournalists are the great shooters of today.

I’ve always been a rogue film shooter - a one man show if you will. Now don’t misunderstand me. Collaboration with creative individuals is inspiring, exciting and has always lifted my vision to new heights. But ultimately - in the end it’s the photographer who gets the glory and the blame. It should be his vision with the most weight. The industry has understandably shifted to a digital world in which the art directors and stylists have the most influence while the retoucher in most cases should get equal billing in the credits. Sad but true. 

I was exposed in the 80’s to amazing shooters who went to sleep at night knowing their art was their art. How can you say you’re an artist if you don’t have complete control of every step of the photographic process? What happened to the days when models collected polaroids or you’d walk into a kitchen and the refrigerator would be covered in photos from magazines?

I love photography! Soup to nuts - its an exiting process. Photography is an incredibly creative, time less medium. I love that you can have the biggest budget, the biggest model and nobody will remember the image. Yet with a little 35mm and a no-body/somebody you can create a timeless piece. It’s this possibility that drives me to explore my own creativity and create imagery for the soul and senses. If I can touch someone enough in any way for them to stop turning the page and remember my image - it’s been a great day! 


Zita Fountain
Rhanda Torso 1
Zhanna & Roza