Susan Valyi

As a sculptor I am interested in the creation of new forms and the three dimensional tactile pleasure of a finished work. I like exploring unconventional materials. My work is mostly figurative with a mix of human and animal forms. I would say what pleases me most is the exploration of gesture and pose but then I will turn around and cannibalize a chair to make a temple. 

My work starts with collecting. Im currently working mostly with old chairs and  furniture that is beyond repair and had been discarded by the side of the road. Or begging from friends. Some of my sculptures take months to complete so where they discard was pretty instantaneous, the rescue and transformation is long and involved. More than anything, the disassembling and reassembling satisfies my soul. I think its probably a very personal gratification. Im addicted to process even at the risk a piece doesn't work out. My materials are unforgiving in that I cant resahpe easily but thats where the excitement lies 



Mystic Man