Tatu Vuorio

I am artist and designer from Espoo Finland. I graduated Masters of Arts at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and architecture, at the department of applied art and design. Before I have graduated as a Designer at the Institute of Art and Design in Lahti where I was specializing in applied art and design at the Department of Applied Art. I have also studied at the University of art and design in Toyama Japan, Alfa-Art School of Arts in Helsinki, Lahti Institute of Fine Arts and the art education Centers of Lahti and Espoo.

I approach my work of art from several directions, abstract, figurative, as well as conceptually. I use to make different methods such as painting, sculpture and installation. Often those processes are mixed with each other. As a creative person I have not felt the need to focus on one methodology. In my artistic work I use different techniques, materials and approaches. Through that I have reached the conclusion of inspiration and dynamic meaningfulness in my working. The method derives its meaning from the word of methodos, which means "the way of life." I believe that the diversity of making is my way of life, which is developing understanding of myself. Through that I communicate to environment, which opens the existence and experiences of life.

The key factor for my working has been curiosity and interest in new things. It has increased the unconscious intuitive database. Artistic work has led me to the second factor, while specifying the orientation between the different methods. I trust intuition and my work is based to the experimental method. The new learning from practice by doing is a rewarding experience, which is addicting. Creating something new requires, however, knowledge of history, materials, working methods and tools. I respect the tradition, but I do not bow down to them. Experimental making cross the borders and fall downs the fences. 

Alongside traditional materials, in particular, I feel the charm of new composite materials. Different types of composites, which are compressed trough process of the surplus. These materials are itself a description of the materiality of the modern world. As a kind of waste materials, they have avantgardist character. For paintings I use black colored MDF board. This material has allowed for me a natural working process based on the act of sculptural way of working. This works set to reflect on the meaning of the art piece presence, whether they are paintings or sculptures

Exhibitions (click for more)

- 2016, Galleria Aarni, Espoo, FI
- 2015, OHO Gallery, Helsinki, FI
- 2014, Lume Gallery, Helsinki, FI
- 2014, Finnish American Heritage Center, Michigan US
- 2014, S-gallery, Helsinki, FI
- 2010, Gallery, Espoon silta, Espoo, FI
- 2008, Gallery, Taidepanimo, Lahti, FI

- 2015, Art Helsinki, Helsinki, FI
- 2014, Round Things Are Boring, Design Showroom, Helsinki, FI
- 2014, Villa rosa, Orimattila, FI
- 2014, Gallery Atsk, Helsinki, FI
- 2013, Outlet, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki, FI
- 2013, Kronos & Kairos, Gallery Aarni, Espoo, FI
- 2013, Jewelry Art association, cablefactory, Helsinki, FI
- 2013, Arabia gallery space, Arabia factory, Helsinki, FI
- 2013, K27 gallery space, Aalto University, Helsinki, FI
- 2012, Arthelsinki, Designpoint,& Oneworldart, Helsinki, FI
- 2012, Protoshop, Habitare, Helsinki, FI
- 2012, Colorida gallery, Lissabon, PT
- 2011, Finn Season, Lio Gallery and Lee & Park gallery, Heyri, KR
- 2011, Side x side, edge > edge, Capstone gallery Liverpool, U.K
- 2010, Espoo Art, Sanomatalo, Helsinki, FI
- 2010, ArtHelsinki, Ornamo, FI
- 2010, Olo.muoto, Lahti, Finland, FI
- 2010, Inhorgenta internatonal jewelry fair, DE
- 2010, Side x side, edge > edge, Kultakeskus oy, FI
- 2009, Itami International Craft Exchibition, JP
- 2009, R.ASIA, Fiskars, FI
- 2008, Gallery Osuma, Helsinki, FI

- 2015, Paulo Foundation, Finland
- 2014, City of Espoo, Finland
- 2014, Arts Council of Finland
- 2013, Arts Council of Finland
- 2010, Aune & Mauri Riuttu’s foundation
- 2009, Lahti University of Applied Sciences
- 2009, Jasso, Japan

- 2010, Rado Unlimited spirit, Winner
- 2009, Lahti University of applied science, business gift competition, 1st price


What remains 2
Until the dawn
What remains