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Looking for…


We are looking for 50 creative video artists to launch a new digital arts service to a select group of collectors.
Our demonstration launch will take place during the Aqua Art Miami fair from December 5-9, 2018.
You are formally invited to embark with POTATOMIKE on this new adventure for digital artists and art lovers alike.

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Connect with Collectors


Our service is all about connecting your art to collectors who want a to incorporate digital arts into their collections,
but until now, they have not found an economical way to access this unique form of art.
We will offer three types of service.


Our FREE service offers collectors a way to browse digital works and view short clips of video works. Each artwork is available for sale and anyone can purchase works in digital form at market pricing - set by you and a POTATOMIKE curator. As is our standard, POTATOMIKE does not take a commission and only charges a fixed fee to handle the transaction (ranging from $90 to $270 depending on factors such as number of works for sale, exclusivity, etc.).

FRESH is for interested collectors who want direct access to digital artworks on an ongoing basis. With POTATOMIKE’s access to a network of 1,600 galleries worldwide, we can offer a collector hands-on assistance in selecting a monitor(s) for display along with appropriate spacing and more. Collectors will receive access to all video artwork on POTATOMIKE with the ability to purchase directly or rent any artwork for a 14-day or 30-day trial period. For each sale or rental, the artist receives a dedicated portion of proceeds depending on an artwork’s price that is set by the artist and a POTATOMIKE curator.

FOCUS is for avid collectors — and large establishments such as hotels, office buildings, and event spaces — who want a series of works on a rotating basis. In addition to working with our local gallery network to establish the right monitor(s) for viewing, POTATOMIKE will provide digital arts on a rotating basis that is priced in conjunction with each artist working in the project. These projects range from direct commission works to large volume rentals of works. As each project is different, POTATOMIKE works with the collectors and artists to create something that will work for all parties.

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Access to Art Fairs & Shows

As one of our initial artists, you will be a part of POTATOMIKE’s participation at the prestigious
Aqua Art Miami fair that is situated on Miami Beach’s historic Collins Avenue from December 5-9, 2018.

Just like last year, POTATOMIKE has partnered with ArtHelix Gallery to
showcase video art in the lobby of the fair as well as a specific gallery room on the second floor of the hotel.


Here are the elements of the upcoming fair:

  1. POTATOMIKE has partnered with Art Helix Gallery / SHIM Network of Bushwick, Brooklyn to showcase video art at Aqua Art Miami.

  2. We have an allocated wall in the lobby to showcase a selection of curated video art on a 60 inch monitor (4k video is preferred). Each artist’s work will be shown for 60 seconds with directions to see full experience in our second floor gallery.

  3. We will be showcasing full-length video art in a private video room that will enable collectors to select from all 50 video artworks available on POTATOMIKE’s new service.

  4. At the show, we will have a dedicated gallerist who will direct interested collectors on how to purchase or access the video artwork showcased or they will be directed to the POTATOMIKE website for the service (currently under development).