What is potatomike.com?
PotatoMike.com is an online community for Artists, art lovers and anyone interested in discovering original art. 

Why should I join the POTATOMIKE community?

You have the opportunity to expose your artworks in our virtual gallery, getting international exposure reaching buyers from all over the world. Our constantly updated database ensures the maximum reach to potential buyers. You don’t have to worry about the transport of the work(s) as PotatoMike organizes everything, and we will help you all along the way to simplify the entire process.

There are no fees to be apart of PotatoMike and the work is totally non exclusive. Meaning you can sell outside of the platform without owing commission. We ask that you let us know when the work has sold so we can mark it as such. 

All work is insured for full asking price for both transport to the buyer and any returns that may take place.  We take care of shipping, the buyer takes care of import taxes and you take care of export (more information about export taxes can be found here)

You keep 50% commission unless otherwise stated during during promotions or commissioned based projects. 

We promote your shows and events as much as possible! With a steadily increasing number of represented artists we ask that you send us information about shows, events, holidays, ideas even your birthday! We would love to share that with our network!

For more Information: Artist Agreement

Discover Artists from all over the world exposed in our online gallery with both emerging talents and well-established artists. Simple and easy shopping with no hassle & insured shipping guaranteeing delivery anywhere in the world. The benefits don't only include purchasing Fine Art, as we will constantly keeping you abreast of the Art world; new gallery openings, shows and community building experiences all about embracing visual expression.

How does it work? 

For a Buyer
Browse new work by Fresh or Shops, click on the piece you like, read all relevant info about the piece or artist, add to cart, pay… and voilà!
Your art piece will be delivered to you anywhere globally.

An Easy door-to-door Shipping System
PotatoMike organizes the transport of Art between the Seller and the Buyer. We work with bonded best in class logistics to deliver all works and we apply a “door to door” system.

A personalized Art Experience
Potatomike.com offers an personalized Advisory experience to help to build or enhance your Art Collection. 

Quality Artworks
Potatomike.com Curators are composed of renowned international Art professionals, Artists and Art lovers assisting PotatoMike in the selection process to guarantee the highest-quality and worry-free experience possible. PotatoMike.com was created in such a way that you will enjoy an easy browsing experience: a virtual catalog where you will be able to discover the works presented with user-focused visuals and content.

For a Seller
Send us an email (on info@potatomike.com) with some of your works and a brief description of your body of work. Our curators will contact after approval from the PM Committee, we will send you a contract and upload your work onto potatomike.com. Once a work is sold, we will you handle its door-to-door transportation.


Does Potatomike.com offer any other services?
Potatomike.com also offers extra services to all users, upon request:

Personal Artwork orders
PpotatoMike offers the opportunity for Art Buyers to make a request to have an artwork specially realized for them by an Artist who is already registered on potatomike.com

Invitation to Exclusive events
PotatoMike Newsletter subscribers receive information about opportunities tall around the world. 

Private viewing opportunities
Private viewing services are available to community members of potatomike.com. This will be done in collaboration with partners renowned for the quality of their services to providing private viewings services around the world (New-York, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Dubai…).

Valuations services
Valuations services are only available to community members of potatomike.com. Works of art have to comply with our selection criteria. Valuations are organized upon request.

Storage service
Potatomike.com will propose in the near future a secure storage services while guaranteeing the best conservation systems and conditions such as climate-controlled, air-filtered private safe rooms and racked or archived storage.


Is Potatomike.com open for everyone to sell his or her Artwork?
PotatoMike is a curated site, and our goal is to choose only art we would buy ourselves. To guarantee the artist's and work's quality, we cannot accept everyone.  

Can Art Galleries sell on potatomike.com?
Yes, we work with galleries to show select works from select artists. Please contact info@potatomike.com or go to Contact.

Are all works of art authentic?
The artworks exhibited on potatomike.com are signed by the Artists and a certificate of authenticity is delivered with the works to ensure their authenticity.   


How do I receive artwork purchased on potatomike.com?
Potatomike.com handles the transport of the artworks between the Seller and the Buyer. Potatomike.com organizes with the Seller the pick up of the work, the Buyer will then receive an email from potatomike.com indicating the name of the transporter, the package number and the approximate date of delivery. You can track your order and receive notifications until it arrives. All artwork is insured.

If you did not receive your work on time...
Please contact PotatoMike to signal your claim by sending an email at support@potatomike.com.