Doro Hofmann

Doro Hofmann and her twin sister were born in Stuttgart , Germany , on the 14 th of May, 1971 . She grew up in a family of artists and graphic designers; her father is a teacher of art and handicrafts. While her sister went on to mechanical engineering, Doro earned a degree in graphic design and pre-press processing, spending every free minute drawing .

While working extreme hours in advertising and retouching photographs, she would continue to take on commissions painting murals and portraits and airbrushing on motorcycles and helmets.

A horseback riding accident forced her to stay home for over 6 weeks, which allowed her to find time to further develop her artistic talent. This was a highly influential period, in which she decided to move to Paris to follow her dream and become a painter.

Initially, she studied fine arts and graphics at a private school, the Freie Kunstschule in Stuttgart . A year later, she was accepted to the Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste, Karlsruhe —one of the most prestigious fine arts academies in Germany.

There, she studied with in-resident and internationally known artists, such as Professors Horst Antes, Simone Wester-Winter, Antje Majevski, Corinne Wasmuht, and Franz Ackermann.

Doro Hofmann now lives in Los Angeles , CA and Karlsruhe , Germany. . 


Exhibitions (click for more)

- 2012, "21st annual Images of the Virgin Exhibit" at Galeria Tonantzin in San Juan Bautista, in California
- 2010, Memory's Touch", John Spoor Broome Library Gallery at the California State University
- 2010, "Beauty Revisited", OCCCA (Orange County Center of Contemporary
- 2010, "LAKE OF FIRE" SOLO SHOW, at Ghettogloss
- 2009, "SALON CONTEMPORARY" a project with the "ARTART PROJECT"
- 2009, “For Those of Us Still Standing” Pharmaka Gallery location, Downtown Los Angeles, USA.
- 2009, "Which Way Berlin - LA ?" 6 german artist at Phantom Gallery's LA, Long Beach,
- 2008, "Which Way Berlin - LA ?" 6 german artist at Pharmaka, Downtown Los Angeles,
- 2008, “ICON” exploring how and what we worship, DCA Fine Art, Santa Monica, CA
- 2008, “Group Show” Pharmaka founders show at Pharmaka, Downtown Los Angeles, USA.
- 2008, through March: “Blue Chips” HSH Bank, Hamburg, Germany.
- 2007, “Small Wonders III” Pharmaka, Non-Profit-Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, USA.
- 2007, “Blue Chips” HSH Bank, Hamburg, Germany.
- 2007, “Lost Icons” Lawrence Asher Gallery, Miracle Mile, Los Angeles, USA.
- 2007, “Now Then” Pharmaka, Downtown Los Angeles, USA.
- 2007, "LA Ethos" a show that calls to all LA Artists, to define the Ethos of LA Art, at Pharmaka, in Los Angeles, California
- 2006, "Small Wonders" Pharmaka, Los Angeles, California
- 2006, "Die Kunstreihe" selected Masterstudents exhibit at the Volksbank in Karlsruhe, Germany
- 2005, “LA based Artists" at Cache Contemporary, Eagle Rock, California (invitation)
- 2005, “Top 05" at Kunstverein Heidelberg and at the Academy in Karlsruhe, Germany (invitation 1-2)
- 2005, “2x8 Motion" at the A+D Museum (Architecture and Design) in Los Angeles, USA
- 2004, “150 Jahre Akademie Karlsruhe” Students and Professors exhibit at the Academy in Karlsruhe, Germany
- 2004, “Lieblingsbilder" at U7 Gallery, Frankfurt , Germany
- 2004, “Busy Canvas” at Barnsdall Gallery, Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles , CA
- 2004, “New step in January 2004” at U7 Gallery, Frankfurt , Germany
- 2003, “Murals” at Pop-o-Matic, Los Angeles , CA (invitation 1-2)
- 2003, Art Walk, Don O’Melveny’s Gallery, Los Angeles , CA


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