Wanting something beyond my figure-drawing class at SVA, Helmut went down stairs to the hardware store and purchase masking tape and spray paint. He created his first “layers” painting that day in the style that he currently works. Helmut paints with tape. Tape is the vehicle that allows him to express himself with color and movement. This is where the character of the painting is created revealing intertwining, unwinding textural layers underneath.

Helmut also alternates painted acrylic layers with strategically placed tape, sometimes up to eight layers on a painting. Each layer is a separate color revealed when all the tape is removed. Although the fluidity of the pieces may appear to be random, they are planned with the flow of color depending on my emotions. Nothing is airbrushed. Upon closer inspection, one is able to see and feel the complex and emotional intensity that is revealed.


One of POTATOMIKE's artists, Helmut Krackie is a prolific painter and art maker.