Whitney Horrocks

Whitney Horrocks is a minimalist and abstract expressionist painter based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree with an emphasis in Drawing & Painting from the University of Utah in 2012.  Since then, she paints out of her home studio in Sugarhouse, the neighborhood where she grew up.  

Her work deals with issues of the many layers of human emotion, specifically the fundamental binary opposition within. Through her work, she explores contradictions that amalgamate one’s self.  She is fascinated with the many versions of ourselves that together, create neutral, palatable personae that we present to society.

“Through my work, I search for evidence of former selves. The internal tugs between who I am and who I once was.  The versions of myself that have long since been covered up and covered again by time and experience.”

Whitney considers herself the product of her three heroes, art professors from the University of Utah. She fears that they may not know that they are alive and present in her studio, every single day. Her work is deeply influenced by Pierre Soulages, James Nares, and Cy Twombly. Whitney pulls from her turbulent young life, a deep well of inspiration to her. Counterbalanced by a zealous cheerfulness in adulthood, these contradictions are the very purpose behind her work.  



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